Mock-up templates versus scamps. What’s your preferred way to present an idea?

I used to like including a ‘would you wear this T-shirt’ mock-up in a presentation deck.
However, if your drawing skills are limited (like mine) a scamp can force you to find the simplest way to express a core idea.


  • @rob D I like the word ‘raw’ – as in, ‘unpolished’. A scamp shows a way of thinking about the brief, that can be built on.
  • I love the 'raw' aspect of scamps. It usually captures the idea the best. However, what I use depends on the audience - if the people you are presenting the idea to don't have a good ability to visualise, then a mockup is probably better.

    Generally scamps are for me to get an idea down quickly. I use mockups to 'sell' that idea to others.

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