Mubi is showing this very interesting looking film for free today. 'Ema'... anyone going to watch? :)

"Ema is a magnetic and impulsive dancer in a reggaeton troupe. Her toxic marriage to choreographer Gastón is beyond repair, following a decision to give up on their adopted child Polo. She sets out on a mission to get him back, not caring who she’ll need to fight, seduce or destroy to make it happen.

Pablo Larraín (Jackie) returns with a dazzling, intoxicating look at sex, power, family and chaos in modern-day Chile. With an electrifying score by Nicolas Jaar, Ema is a whirlwind of no-holds-barred anarchy, anchored by searing turns from rising star Mariana Di Girolamo and Gael García Bernal."


  • @Andrei Koscina I just went to watch the trailer and realised I had already seen it! Either at Camerimage or Cannes I think. I remember really enjoying this but it had totally slipped my mind
  • @Panos Chountoulidis Hope you enjoyed it!! Interesting for you as a sound designer?
  • @Oliver Pearson Definitely a highlight of the film. Nicolas Jaar is incredible.
  • @Andrei Koscina I've only seen Jackie. Sounds like it's worth digging deeper! The trailer for Ema looks fantastic.

    I loved this film from Chile last year... 'Tarde Para Morir Joven'.

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