NFTs are blowing up! Catch this FREE intro to what NFTs, blockchain and web3 mean for artists, creators and the creative industry. Tues 26th

Selling digital art as NFTs: what is it, how does it work and why do I want in?

NFTs are blowing up - find out what NFTs, blockchain and web3 mean for artists, creators and the creative industry.

In this session for Wisern, NFT and web3 expert Ash Beech will walk us through the fundamentals of web3, and how you can diversify revenue streams by minting (selling) artwork on a blockchain:

• What work sells.
• The fundamentals of getting started.
• How blockchain is shaking up copyright and ownership.
• The sustainability debate.

Ash will be interviewed by Emma Alexander, commercial photography expert and founder of Wisern.
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  • Hi, Emma.
    I am Matej, Blockchain Developer & I have Result Oriented Professional Certified Blockchain developers having Extensive 5+ years of experience in all the Stages of Design, Development & Maintenance of Websites.
    Over the last 2 years, I mainly focused on NFT technologies (ECR-721) - developing Front-end with React / Vue / Web3 / Next/ether.js, NFT mint and Marketplace development (Rust, Solidity).
    I just published NFT mint site on solana net & Ether net.
    I am working as smartcontract developer & manager.
    So in many project, I designed all developing such as
    - smart contract
    * rust & solidity developing (ERC721, ERC1155)
    - metadata
    * node project that auto combine small images to perfect NFT image
    * node project that making multi Json files (metadata)
    * upload to file server such as IPFS & Arware
    - web3 Dapp
    * web3 npm module on every NFT project
    - front end
    * React building NFT site and combine smart contract (abi json files)
    - third part
    * node server to user manage & site manage for NFT marketing. (option)

    There are last NFT mint sites what I managed and developed.
    And many other NFT sites are built by me.
    Now I am good at Solana and Rust is my favorite language
    And I can do anything to be perfect on any NFT project.

    I studied your assignment in depth
    I have 5+ NFT mint project & 8+ years blockchain development experience.
    So I I have 100% confidence to deliver best result.

    I am looking forward to discuss more detail.

    Best regards.
  • @Fahrettin Perçin Awesome, look forward to seeing you there! Remember to register to free via Eventbrite to get the link directly

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