PAID OPPORTUNITY FOR CREATIVES IN THE MIDLANDS Holding 1hr Zoom interviews with 1x friendship pairs on 13th December


I'm working on an exciting drinks research project, that will inform the brand's next advertising campaign.

Looking to interview a pair of friends on Zoom for 1hr - PLEASE NOTE you both will need to be living in the Midlands. This is part of the recruitment criteria.

We'll chat about everything from UK drinking culture (& how this is changing), to what you're excited about for summer '23, to your drinking preferences (brands / products / occasions), to the brands that you admire vs. the brands that make you eyeroll... etc etc.

If you're keen and available on 13th Dec, please email me via with:
- A bio about you
- A bio about your friend
- Your IG handle
- Their IG handle

I'll get back to you on rates privately :)

Goes without saying but PLEASE check with your friend if they're keen to join, are available and happy and share their handle before emailing.

Thanks a mill x


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