Pitching features to newspaper 'sections'

Just wondering if there is anyone here working for publications that run weekly feature sections (eg. Guardian 'Experience' column and others) whose brains I might be able to pick? It's not straightforward to go to the library to research the papers now they don't tend to stock hard copies, and the online subscription services offered instead just don't hack it. Of couse you can get the Guardian online, but most of the other papers are behind a paywall... So, anyone with insider knowledge would be great to chat to! I'm mainly working on music-related pieces currently (reggae in particular) but all info would be useful (for other dots journos, too, I reckon). :-)


  • i have a few more suggestions.



    the wire is a great magazine which is run by condescending assholes. of course. but try; the edgier, the better.


    the quietus, which i read every day, is another great magazine staffed and run by assholes.

    you might also wish to pitch to the baffler.


    a great socio-political magazine, they do occasional pieces on music, for instance on ryuichi sakamoto, ry cooder, robert wyatt, charles mingus and john coltrane. best of all, they're not a bunch of assholes -- they're grown-ups.

  • i don't know about pitching to the grauniad; i had a good contact there years ago but, essentially, they were useless. however, i can suggest pitching to the journal of music.


    they have several callouts a year. mind, they're primarily looking for younger writers, which counts me out (i used to contribute to their pages, more than a decade ago), but that shouldn't stop you.

    there's also this sound and music, which might be able to advise you.


    finally, if you haven't already, i'd open a submittable account and have a look around there.


    good luck.

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