POC graphic designers, branding, UX, and UI designer who would like to join a small team as an intern!

Preferably based in London!

Also please note this is not a paid role, we will devote time and resources to your growth and your skills making sure you are ready for the job world or a future with us.

Oh, the team is fun too :)

motion designer and illustrators can reach out too as well as anyone with dev skills

Starting in Jan!


  • Hi there,
    I’m definitely interested in working with you and getting some valuable experience.
    I think my experience matches position you’re offering.

    All the best,

  • Hi, I am interested in this position my email is tariq@taybi.uk


  • Hi there!

    I am currently freelancing as a brand designer and illustrator and would love to get some great experience working with a fun team like yours.

    You can view some of my projects here:

  • Hi! I'm currently a student in Graphic Design with a strong interest in branding and looking for experience to get started in the industry, and ths sounds perfect!
    More of my work is on my portfolio at https://www.behance.net/sadiaaktar

    Many Thanks,

  • Hello Abodale,

    I'm Shamita, a brand identity designer based in Leeds, UK. I am from India and am looking for a remote/partially remote internship as I will be finishing off my BA Graphic Design course around the same time.

    I was going through your website and really liked your Howwz and 90z Back projects, especially the illustrations used in the Howzz project.

    Do contact me if you are interested.
  • Hello @Abolade Akintunde I'm Ben, a brand identity designer who also specializes in packaging and print design. I'm based in Nigeria (From Nigeria as well) and I'd love to intern as a Newbie product designer. Is it okay if we chat?
  • @Abolade Akintunde Hi Abolade,

    First off, love the 90Z BACK logo/identity, was wandering who had designed that when the shop in Shoredich opened.

    Does POC means 'People Of Colour'? Whitch colour? Is any colour acceptable?

    Black, Whaite, Yellow, Red — I am Italian, beige/pink in the winter and browner in the summer — What colour am I?

    Anyways... I am interested if you are, but again, I'll need to give priviledge to a paid job if/when I find one, so if you're ok with that, sure! Or maybe we can talk about it in our chat if you're willing?
  • @Raffaele Auriemma Hey, thanks for pointing this out, we have adjused the url. if it is something you are interested in, we can have a chat, Ethnic means POC, non british and non American by origin (not birth) more specifically.

  • Hello,

    I would be interested in this, would you be able to share the commitment that you would need? e.g. days/hours per week etc. — As this is unpayed, please note that our priviledge goes to those who are willing to support our living. ;)


    When I click on your website, it gives a 'non secure' message and doesn't load the page. Maybe if you remove the 'www' extention from the link that you have on your profile it'll work as when I type it witout it works.


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