Portfolio feedback

Hey guys! I just designed and revamped my portfolio and friendly feedback would be lovely. Its at mollylockeportfolio.wixsite.com/home


  • This first thing I would suggest is to purchase a domain. Rather than "portfolio" I'd just call it mollylocke.com OR mollylocke.co.uk - it looks far more professionall.

    It looks as though you work a lot with available light, but don't use any reflectors/diffusers. For example, the Louis Vitton x Snoopy picture - I would have used a reflector to bounce light back onto the models face to avoid the weird shadows. Again, with the male model, the lighting is quite harsh and could have used a diffuser.

    I'm not slating your photography, I can clearly see you have a natural eye for it. I hope this helps :)

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