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Hi I’m an artist and illustrator, I’m at the beginning of my career and have been designing a portfolio website to showcase my work and my freelancing, would be great to hear some feedback either on my work or the website,


Joseph Milne


  • @Geoffrey Bunting hey thanks for this really useful advice, cheers!
  • So, first thing: I can't read this. Red and black don't make for good accessible text, at least not how you've configured it. I would also try to focus more on the work you're trying to attract, rather than throwing everything you've done onto the site to make it look full.

    Your illustrations are great for their style, and I appreciate design might not be your forte yet, but everything feels a bit samey - even when it isn't. Which only exacerbates the feeling that things are being stretched out to fit into as many categories as possible.

    So, my advice:
    - Create a rational website, without the inaccessible landing page, that immediately shows off the kind of work you want to take in.
    - Have a focus. Instead of splitting everything up, make it all your portfolio (an illustration portfolio), and trust that it can demonstrate its other elements like product design, logo design, etc. You can always have a section of "other work" that shows off your films and altars; just focus your portfolio so employers/clients can actually parse it.
    - Focus your work. An example of which would be your logos. You've got four logos for one thing, either they're concepts (in which case, pick one) or they're variations (in which case, present them as such).

    So, yeah, a good baseline of work to develop, but the site itself is way too messy and needs to be reined in a little. Things are too big and too inaccessible.

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