Recommendations of v v v talented emerging female graphic designers? Working on an article… Thanks!


  • Hi Renee! I am currently studying Graphic Design at university and I'm in my third year of study - I am really looking forward to pushing my design career post graduation and furthering my skills! I love illustration, packaging/branding design and print. I would love to be able to connect with creatives such as yourself; so I've linked my portfolio website below in case you have a minute to have a look! I am currently working on some new projects which aren't on there yet but would be happy to send you if you're interested!
    Thank you for your time :)
    Porfolio website :
  • Hi Renee, I am an inspiring and emerging graphic designer and illustrator. I am passionate about printmaking, collage and illustration but love getting involved with anything creative. I am graduating from university in May 2022 and I am hoping to connect with some great creative people! I am currently working on some interesting some that I have not uploaded to my portfolio yet as they are still on going, but i'd love to share these with you! Thank you for the opportunity and please feel free to take a look at my portfolio below :)
    Thank you!
  • Hi Renée,

    I hope you are safe and well. This sounds interesting, and I would love to put myself forward!

    I am an emerging multidisciplinary female graphic designer and self-taught musician / vocalist with a background in the performing arts, hosting a strong affinity and knowledge of the interaction between audio and visuals🎨🎶

    With my consequential fascination for multi-sensory immersive design, I have ambitions to carve a career within experiential design and am also on a mission to use my audio-visual knowledge to raise awareness and promote positive change within the environment🌍🌸

    I am currently a freelance graphic designer, and am also the Lead Designer and Visuals Co-Director at Bloom in Doom Magazine, and the Creative Director and Terra Movement. Both of these are environmental platforms that raise awareness of the environment and the issues it faces, alongside promoting positive change / news through use of journalism and custom visuals.

    You can explore more of my work and experience here -

    I am very happy to chat via DM on here, or to communicate via email:

    Thank you very much! Wishing you a great day / evening, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,
    Alex Hopwood
  • Yours truly! 💛✨👏🏼🌟💪🏻 Please check out my profile to see work examples and projects 🎨
  • Hi Renée,

    I am a freelance creative with 6 years of experience working in design, with clients spanning all industries. All examples of my design skills/services and previous work can be seen via

    Best wishes,
  • Hi there, we'd be interested in getting involved! My twin sister and I are in our twenties, and we've established our own creative studio specialising in graphic designer. We'd love to share our story with you.

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