Setting up an online store to sell prints - any recommendations for which is best? Shopify, Big Cartel, any others? Thanks! :)


  • Thank you @Plastic Jesus . , @Leonard Regazzo and @The Broken Toy Company for the advice, very much appreciated!
  • Shopify is safe and strong.
    Once you set it up is way much more efficient to be advertized with a selling strategy behind, allowing your consumers to have a great experience buying your products.
  • Hi Chloe,
    I started with Big Cartel. It's easy to set up and get selling, however it's not as adaptable as shopify. Admittedly I quit Big Carter about 3 years ago and started using shopify so Bigcartel may have added more funtionality.
    Shopify takes more to set up but once you're set up it pretty amazing. Their are add-ons to intergrate with shippers, review app, facebook, IG intergration and more.
    So basically if you want an easy start use big cartel. If you want something that is more adapatble and better to grow and catagorise items then Shopify.

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