Shout out to graphic designers & computer coders. Would really appreciate your honest feedback on my ebook cover design for a client

Launching #ComputerScience Book for people who are maybe not confident about their CS abilities / academic background and are turned off by the idea of reading huge textbooks.
The idea is to design a cover to get across the idea is that this is a reassuring, authoritative but friendly book.
As my first #ebook design, so if you have professional experience in this field and could be kind enough to offer feedback, that would be very much appreciated !

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  • @Manuel Zeeman Hi Manual, thank you very much for your feedback. I shall take a look at that. The concern was too techy is inimidating, but I shall seek to find somewhere in the middle.
  • @Eden Allen Hi Eden, thank you SO much, I don't know anything about typography really appreciate your feedback. I know see mean about the world 'book' I'll take this on. The problem with the subtitle text size is that I need to make it readable as a thumb. But I'll take this on board !!

  • Hi Selina,

    I like the pattern you've used but it does distract from the text quite a lot, have you played around with it making it larger or smaller? It would be interesting to see how it affects the readability.
    I would say that the text below the Title is a tad large, if it was reduced in size it would give more hierachy and structure to the cover. Adding some 'white space' between the title and the paragraph could also help. Also the word 'book' in the title should either be in caps or have the same weight as the 'the' as it's a kind of a mixture of both which is a little distracting.

    I'm no expert in this field but I do know typography so hopefully you'll find this useful!

    Good luck!
    Eden :)
  • Hi Selina,

    I would say it's quite hard and tiring for the eye to read also as it was mentioned before the typography and background image should be in a better palance.

    The background pattern gives the impression of generative art if that's the intention than it's great/ Hope it helps.

    Feel free to check out my work on
  • Hey Selina, I think you coud probably put in a bit more time and get more of a "designed with intention" feel to it. Think a change of font will do wonders in that matter, something a bit more "techy" would help.
    Same for the background pattern...
    Check Youworkforthem, they have a good selection of fonts & graphics with sample usage, think that'll help.

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