Squarespace Web Designer

I'm looking to hire a Squarespace web designer to help with some coding of my site.


  • Hi there, I am a social media manager/content creator and interior designer I would love to collab with you! If you would like more information my website is www.auranti.co - I am also happy to send over my portfolio of work. I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Best wishes

  • Hello Cedric,
    We have powered many businesses with extraordinary solutions within the targeted budget and timeline. Our team experience might help you out. Let’s Connect at jennifer@cisinlabs.com.
  • Hey Cedric first check out this free Squarespace coding resource www.ghostplugins.com - if you’re still looking for more help check out my site www.joshhester.co.uk and maybe we could get something going
  • Hi Cedric I can help. Maybe email studio@manmade.io with more deatils and I can share links to squarespace sites I've built and customised

  • Hi Cedric,

    If you take an advice think it's slightly confusing if what are you looking for. If you really need a web designer than they not really the right person to ask to code, rather a web developer. But also squarespace got to known about a place where you don't need to code but if you try it can go south easily as it's not what it made for.

    Btw I do build websites you can drop me a line on 4nn414@gmail.com if you would like to discuss.

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