To the motion designers out there, which platforms would you recommend to find freelance work? If possible, that is relatively fair priced?

I already have a profile in some, I'm looking to expand my presence


  • @Michelangelo Torres Thank you Michelangelo, I knew that board but completely forgot about it. I'll chek it out :)
  • @Enrique Rovira Hi Enrique, that's right, it's a tricky one to find fairly priced platforms. I have a profile in some of the ones you've mentioned, but others are new for me. I'll definitely have a look, thank you :D
  • Fair priced is a tricky one, it really depends on the project! In any case, although techincally not all platforms, to search for freelance job offers I have used The Dots, Twine, Upwork, YunoJuno, WorkingNotWorking, Domestika... hope it helps!
  • Hi Marisol,
    I would say The Dots but evidently if you are asking this question, you haven't found too many satisfying gigs on this platform, so I would suggest this job board

    let me know what you think

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