Useful pricing and rate resource for illustrators please??


  • Madagascar illustrators work on project based flat rate (USD$). All types of illustration jobs (Technical, fashion, books, skectching, storyboarding, etc) . All represented by Filming in Madagascar. Need a specific rate, portfolio, sample, ask directly or message privately
  • Hello Lily,

    The Lite Box has a rate data from different illustrators submitions.
    You can check it here:

    You can also check AOI:

    Hope those help
  • Hi Lily! You can check out the Writers and Artist's site and the book (it has lists of agents, guides on pricing and everything):
    I also really enjoy Anoosha Syed - her blog and youtube channel. She's a picture book illustrator and does now and then amazing videos with tips on pricing. This one is pretty good:

    Hope that helps :)

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