Virtual user journey mapping in minutes – any good advice?

Not the easiest thing to do with a reticent crowd struggling to see the value of the exercise – and it's usually been something I have done in a series of workshops over 4 or 5 days, face-to-face, facilitated by others so I've had the luxury of being able to dream.

If you've had to formulate collaborative exercises that achieved results in a matter of hours, or even minutes, I'd be all ears. If you'd be happy to share some time and knowledge with me, I can share experience as a multi-faceted creative (director) and brand strategist.


  • Thanks @Lena Nielsen, much appreciated, I'll check those out. I've used them before, not extensively, but in much more protracted workshops, F2F – Have you had success using the templates virtually, and arriving at useful outcomes within a short time span, say just a couple of hours? Would value you sharing your experiences if you're happy to do so.
  • Hi Matt. Miro and Mural both have great templates to get you off to a quick start on journey mapping :)

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