What are people’s professional opinion on using immersive experiences to make Gen Z consume in a more sustainable way?

Using experiential marketing (such as events and pop-ups) to make shopping exciting again! Gen Z overconsume online which has a detrimental effect on our environment. I wonder if we can perhaps encourage Gen Z to consume seasonally to avoid daily, even weekly consumption of clothes! I also have an idea to bring elements of festivals to retail in order to revive the retail industry. What are people's thoughts and opinions on my topic? Any comments would be greatly appreciated :)


  • @David Ogiste Thanks so much! These are really useful examples too, I will have to take a closer look at each of them :)
  • I would say that experiential and immersive experiences have been the way forward for retail for some time. Where it has been predominately seen as a streetwear "thing", COVID will now make even more fashion brands aware of the importance of experiential.

    It is the basis for companies like Appear Here, with them working with smaller brands that couldn't afford permenant high street space and are generally focused to a younger audience (both Gen Z and Millenial), so Appear Here could provide temporary space for these types of pop-ups and events.

    Now you can see it in the way brands like Adidas are designing their new flagship store on Carnaby Street, with art exhibitions, events, DJs, all front of mind and built into the store.

    Also take a look at events like SoleDXB and ComplexCon with the types of luxury brands (e.g. Burberry) now looking to show up with an experiential presences.

    Post-COVID you will see more brands shy away from full time retail space on the high street and this will lead to pop-ups and events or those with high street space doing more and more events in-store (Selfridges is a great example of this) to keep their audience engaged and drive an interaction with the brand that can't be found online.
  • Getting anyone & everyone to consume differently today is fundamental to human survival & millions of other species. In my opinion anything we can do to create behaviour change in this area is a win & the sooner the better. Check out Jonathon Porritt book - Hope in Hell #hopeinhell it will be a source of guidance & inspiration.
    Check out creative conscience you-tube channel & a film on ‘conscious consumption’ 2018 our event at the Design Museum. Good luck - here to help if you need.

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