What are the kinds of questions you should be asking a potential employer/ mentor to make the most out of yours and their time?


  • Hi Sonja,
    Really good answers below. I also suggest you ask for role specifics: what will be your resposabilities, what is the criteria when assessing your performance, etc. But more importantly I would confirm how does the company envision your role in the near future; this is specially relevant when it is an internship so you will be aware of the growing opportunities.
    Hope this helps,
  • Hi Sonja, definitely things specific to the job and/or the company. Generally, showing interest into how people bacame who they are now, what makes them successful, their views on subjects thta matter to both of you - always good communication points and also shows you care and are curious. I hope this helps :)
  • Hi Sonja, I think it depends on what the specific role is. It's always good to look at as much of their work as possible (do your homework/research) and ask questions that are relevant for the job. e.g. if it's about account management ask something like 'how do you structure your teams'? If it's creative, ask something like 'is there a particular creative style that you think you are known for'? More generally you can ask about the culture and the mix of personalities in the office. Hope this is helpful. J

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