What are you doing that's positive during this time?

What are you doing that’s positive? So I want to share what’s positive out there and put out a video but I need your help. I need short clips and I want to bring creatives together. I am done being scared and I want to create as I feel we need to lift our vibrations.

So let me know how you’re spending this time. Are you chilling out, sharing your time or expertise, are you learning something new? Especially if you’re a parent with kids at home with you. We focus so much on what we’re not doing that we forget we’ve done tonnes of great things. It's all good no matter what you are doing. I just want to know if it's bringing you joy.

I’m jogging in the morning and exercising, playing with my daughter and trying to keep my mind right. It’s funny these are things we should be doing anyway but life gets in the way.

Let’s spread some positivity Send your short clips to me.

Message me or email Remi@red-cactusmedia.com

I've had a good response on other social media so if you'd like to get involved drop a message. Let's create.


  • I've been furloughed so have found myself with A LOT of time on my hands! With the good weather and being lucky enough to have a garden I am currently breaking my day up as follows:

    0930 - wake up (might as well make the most of sleeping in right now)
    1030 - breakfast / coffee
    1130 - Yoga
    1230 - Gardening / reading
    1330 - Lunch
    1430 - reading / spring clean
    1600 - prep dinner (falling in love with the slow cooker right now with the time I have)
    1730 - Outside exercise (cycle / run / walk) or Supermarket shop
    1830/1900 - Dinner (trying to eat early now that I don't work late)
    2000 - Netflix / Movie / News

    I can't stress the importance of actually taking a full week off to not set an alarm, not plan anything and just take time out. The beauty of Covid-19 for those who manage to remain healthy throughout this period is the ability to slow down. Take a week and then add re-add structure to your life with things you want to do or learn. Turn this time into a positive!

  • my positives are just fine but i'd like to tell you about the negatives for they've been getting a bad-rap as of late and for no great reasons at all. the so called nagatives are often times the things we should do but do not want to. the so called negatives is our compacency to change and evolve into new more capable human beings, where old routines can go and new non-routines can refreshen are sense of otherwise indisputable reality. dare i throw at you the non-routine concept without elaborating: it what is no longer mechanical, like quitting coffee because you've had too much of it already, or waking up at slightly different hour each day just because you can and why not. or picking up a book you never would otherwise for your interests were fixed into a narrow spectrum of personal particularities. we are free to imagine and explore if we care to find the balance between the things that hurt and things that give us pleasure, where not even pain and pleasure are as crystal clear as taboos want us so badly to believe.

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