Which creative project management apps are being used in agencies/design studios atm - is there a dominant one? Which do you/your team use?


  • @Daniela Brown Thank you, really useful regarding scaling. I’ll take a look at the other two options you mention as well!
  • I think it depends on the size of your agency or team. With a smaller team, I prefer Notion because it's a centralizaed hub for project managent and a living wiki. But as the team grows and scales, it may need something more agile like Honeybook or Bandcamp.
  • @Simon Harris Perfect, thank you, sounds like it could fit the bill nicely and is starting to make sense - I think I’ve just leant towards apps with a stronger visual layout as they feel more intuitive, but versatility is key at this stage :)
  • We use Trello for all our project management needs. It's just simple enough to allow anyone to use it, since we often share boards with our clients to get direct feedback. We use a lot of plug-ins with it though.
  • @David Goddard I"m sure there are easier ones out there but then you get locked into a specific workflow, which just doesn't work with varying nature of our projects. Notion also allows you to add guest accounts (for free) so if you want to give your clients or freelancers access then its fairly straightforward. You can also share pages via a URL which also comes in handy. Keep persevering, i'm sure it will be worth it!
  • @Simon Harris Thanks Simon, really appreciate the insight, trying to settle on one after trialling a few. Flexibility is definitely useful as workflows can be really varied. Notion seem to stand out so I’ll dive back in and persevere with it! Cheers
  • @Anna Negrini I went from Trello to Airtable to Notion. Can't see us changing anytime soon as Notion has the best of Trello and Airtable whilst also allowing just regular pages as well.
  • Hey David. We use Notion. It takes a bit of getting used to as it offers a lof of granular control on how you set it up, but that level of control and flexibility we found to be perfect to our requirements, which I'm guessing might be fairly similar to you!

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