Working in the film/commercial industry and moving down to London so looking to build our creative contacts based there. Drop me a message!

I'm a co-director of a cinematography team Flight Dispatch from Scotland and was just looking to form some more London connections for our move.


  • @Fikile M Hi Fikile! We tend to have a lot of backlog with the editing process when things get busy so extra assistance with that helps. We find with our commercial work that using an actor instead of a model always gives more depth to the final output of the video so will definitely get in touch about that too when that sort of project pops up! Thanks.
  • @Ivonne Pacheco Britton Hi Ivonne! We work on a lot of photo combined with video projects so extra assistance is always wanted so will keep you updated when jobs come up. The extra help is always appreciated.
  • @Ray Yunis Hi Ray! Thank you, we’re really excited to be finally moving down. We’re always needing extra assistance on projects so will definitely keep in touch when jobs arise. Thanks again!
  • @Cesar David Olaya Vargas Hi Cesar! We’re currently in the early stages of some documentary work ourselves. Let us know if you need extra hands for any projects and we’ll keep you updated as well! Thanks.
  • @Simran Kaur Hi Simran! I’ve gone and followed you on instagram for easier messaging. We have quite a lot of experience working with photographers on shoots so if you ever need a video team for a job or if we are looking for a photographer we can keep in touch!
  • @Steffan Griffiths Hi Steffan! That’s great, we found the work was a lot more prominent in London and has been bringing us in a lot more recently. Would be great to touch base when we’re both there!
  • Hi Naomi!

    I'm a near-London based creative with experience in styling and photography(entry). If you ever need an assistant for projects do not hesitate on reaching out to me, I'm always eager on getting more experience!
  • Welcome to London Naomi,

    I am a London based film student that specialises in camera and lighting, if you ever need an assistant I would be more than happy to help.

    my Instagram is

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