• @Sharon Hinds Thank you for the time to ponder here... Super clear feedback. Really grateful! I agree with all of your sugestions! Will move my way through these and love the idea of a behind the scenes too..

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Testimonials yes! And on the clients page?

    In terms of the artists.. I think you're right there.. a nice page with photos will be lovely! We need to gather the team for some lovely and styised headshots i think! Great idea!!

    So grateful for you care and attention here! Will send you an updated

  • Hi Lauren, I hope you are having a good week. I've had a look at your website and I think the choreography in the videos is great. I a big fan of dance as an performance art form. With regards to the site, I would suggest a few tweaks:
    a) On the client section, I would re-position the company logos so they sit side by side in rows rather than a column so have to scroll down. All the big names such as Google, GQ, Jean Paul Gaultier, Netflix , Time Out, Pulse Filmsetc, need to be listed first and seen without the need to scroll. Also by doing this visitors can click on contact instantly without having to scroll up.
    b) To support search engine optimisation you should add a description to all you your images,
    c) I think images are too big they can be reduced by 50-60% so that if someone is viewing your site on a mobile or tablet it reduces the download time
    d) I think you only need one image to represent each type of performance, you can always add more
    e) In the talent section it would be great to have headshots of the artists that you represents with details of their training and perhaps productions they have worked on both in the UK and internationally
    f) You could add another section called eg: Behind the Scenes where you add 1/2 mins videos of rehearsal footage or talent getting ready for a show, mini interview with you talking about how you bring your idea to life. You can do this on your phone and put a post on Twitter and Instagram.
    Lastly see if you can get some testimonials for clients about the work you have done, stating how easy you are to work with and how professional the artists are - this is important for builiding your repetation and for supporting you with getting repeat work and gaining new clients from recommendations and referrals.
    Hope this helpful and I wish you all the best - it's great!
    All the best

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