Would you be willing to get paid in cryptocurrencies?

We will be opening positions soon and we we will offer our candidates the possibility to get paid either in euros or criptocurrencies. We believe that we should promote this ecosystem as it make all of us more inclusive. Blockchain technology has demonstrated us that is here to stay.


  • @Gavin Kemp actually traditional FIAT currencies are only backed by citizen’s trust. Same for Bitcoin and other criptocurrencies, on the other hand in the Blockchain industry the code is the law. So nothing previusly stipulated in the code can change after. This makes the whole value proposition legit and inmutable. Everything is open source and trazable. How do you defend the unlimited supply that creates inflation and erase your daily salary...
  • No, I would not work for anything not backed a central bank, that I could not easily value and sue non payment in the UK, my T's & C's state clearly the juristriction the are under is English law.

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