Yo Community! Social Media Managers, Marketers, Content Creators , PR and more... Hit me up !

There's few campaigns i'm working and creating looking for few individuals to join and create.

DM me or daniellukombo152@gmail.com !


  • Hello @Daniel Belgium,

    I'm interested in this freelance opportunity, I am Jerome a freelance Multidisciplinary Designer who can assist with content creation of your projects in the future.
    I have attached my portfolio to this message as well as the website of the last freelance project I work with which incorporates brand identity/Art Direction.

    Portfolio: Home | J Nicholson (jeromenicholson.wixsite.com)
    Latest Freelance project: Unspld.com
    Best regards,
    Jerome Nicholson
    LinkedIn: Jerome Nicholson | LinkedIn
  • Hi Daniel. Just sent you a connection request. I'm a content creator and TV producer. Would be happy to collab on this. Thanks.
  • Hello @Daniel Belgium, I sent you connection request. I can help. You can check out some of my projects on my portfolio.
  • Hey, I’m a photographer who is currently creating content for restaurants and bars would be great to be involved
  • Hey, let me know if I can be of any assistance, my work is here https://instagram.com/veronika_raoul?utm_medium=copy_link
  • Hi Daniel, I’m into writing and can be a content writer/editor. I also want to get involved in social media management. Let me know how I can assist.

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