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Join us in the Aetherverse this autumn for the second of our creative industry talk series:Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Fashion Magazine with Aether's founder and creative director Mia (a.k.a Mimi) Sakai @miasakai95.

In this seminar, we will explore the discourse surrounding the production process of creating a fashion magazine. Building upon the foundation of previous seminar sessions, this updated version of the talk will delve further into encapsulating the evolution of Aether into an embodiment of artistic expression within the realm of fashion. This is a masterclass in growth, innovation, and the art of shaping an immersive publication or platform of your own. We will hear from Aether’s founder, Mimi, as she shares her expertise and what she has learnt over her 8 years of growing the business from a small handmade zine into a beautiful 200+ page publication that is now stocked in the Tate Modern.

Prepare yourself for an unfiltered and uncompromising dive into the following topics:

- Fashion Editorial Planning and Conceptualisation
- Model Casting & Styling
- Production & Printing processes
- The Importance of Digital presence and Social Media
- Collaborations & Partnerships
- Challenges in Creative Industry and Fashion Publishing
- Magazine submissions: Tips & Advice

This will be followed by a 30-min Q&A with Mimi where participants will be encouraged to gain industry insight and advice in anything they wish!

This talk series stands as an unwavering commitment—a dynamic talk series crafted to deliver transformative value. Our relentless dedication drives us to offer an array of compelling low-cost seminars designed to empower rising creatives. We hope these seminars serve as immersive gateways, granting unparalleled access to the wealth of industry insights and expertise curated by the distinguished Aether Magazine team. The talk will be held online with the ability to access the slides and resources post-event.

*Please note that this ticket is non-refundable. We hope you can understand that these talks, meticulously curated and independently produced, are a manifestation of our unequivocal devotion to education. Rooted in a non-profit ethos, Aether passionately champions the growth of aspiring talents, emboldening them with the knowledge and acumen needed to flourish in their creative pursuits.
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Attendees — 8

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Fashion MagazineLondon, United Kingdom