BIMA's Digital Dinger
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42 Adler Street London E1 1EE - 42 Adler St, London E1 1EE, UK

Organised by BIMA

An event by BIMA for people at the start of their career in digital.

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dinger (noun)
DATED•INFORMAL: a thing outstanding of its kind.
BIMA's Digital Dinger
The last few years have been a funny old time in the industry, especially for those starting their career. New starters in digital and tech have experienced a brand new way of working without really seeing what it was like 'before', and everything from company culture, career pathways, and client relationships, to innovation and the use of technology, have changed forever.
As we start to move on and work out what the future of the industry looks like, we wanted those who have not experienced the ‘classic’ agency life to get some insight into the industry they're now part of with BIMA’s Digital Dinger series.
An ongoing series of social events designed to get you meeting new people whilst learning from some industry veterans, each event will be a mix of those on the start of their digital career journey and those who are ready to guide the next generation.
Each month we’ll invite different guest speakers to talk through their career journeys so far and share real case studies of their digital successes (dingers, if you will) and the not-so-successful twists and turns that they learned from.
Come along, it's free for BIMA Members and the first drink is on us if you are in your first 3 years of your career!


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BIMA's Digital Dinger42 Adler St, London E1 1EE, UK