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Brolly is the tech series you’ve always wanted but never gotten…until now. Raw, open and upfront on the tech and future issues that matter. Each Brolly will be limited to a maximum of 100 people and we tell Santa who doesn't show up so make sure you're good and attend. It's an AMA, safe-space with no ego kinda thing.
The humble umbrella. A bastion of safety against the elements for us Brits, a symbol of defiance in other parts of the world. Rain or shine, it’s the versatile beast that offers sanctuary against various elements that seek to thwart and curtail.
There are three types of Brolly:
  • Basic Brolly – one superb speaker, giving the dark secrets of their industry/a topic.
  • Battle Brolly – two opposing views battle for your approval (and final audience vote).
  • B!tch Brolly– a challenging, one-person focused rant with Q&A to change people's mind on a topic.
Complimentary drink on arrival (or until it goes!) courtesy of Fora (co-working for adults!), after which there is a paying bar, oh and surprises on the night. Lots of surprises but the good variety not the being thrown into the back of a van variety.
Kirsty love to analyse things so she is the perfect Brollyite. Kirsty is an Investment Manager for Jam Jar Investments – the people behind tinybrands you’ve never heard of like Deliveroo, Graze, Bulb, Innocent Drinks, Babylon Health and many others! Previously with Unilever and alumni of several universities, feel free to nerd out with Kirsty on Economics, Management and Politics. She's going to talk about what it takes to get money out of VCs and where so many go wrong amongst other things. Trust us, she won't hold back.
Future Brollys are planned with: Rory Sutherland, Sifted, Wired, Seedcamp, Seen Connects, MOO, Google amongst others.
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