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The Barge House - London, United Kingdom

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In 1925, on a winter night in Paris, the Cadavre Exquis was born from the surrealist imagination of Andre Breton, Marcel du Champ, and Yves Tanguy.
The term Exquisite Corpse refers to a collective assembly of images and words. It is an exercise in appropriation and applied creativity. It doesn’t tell the story of a single frame, but stratification of narratives, each unique and recognizable, overlapped in time.

5 Tables. 5 Talks. 25 Designers.

We will re-live the Dadaist parlor experiment collectively generating unpredictable designs. The process of appropriation is the mechanism. Letting go is the key.
In this our inaugural event. over the course of the evening, 5 invited artists, designers and architects will speak. This is a symposium of Natural Technology and Digital Biodynamics. We are interested in seeing output from these overlapped discussions. How we shape nature in a non-real world? How do we interlock biological features and digital landscapes?

The Mad Scientist

This is our laboratory. Design is our experiment. We invite you to design as the speeches take place, illustrating your immediate impressions and inspirations. Each drawing is then passed onto the next designer, like musical chairs. Your work will evolve as the evening goes on. As with Surrealist automatic drawing, it will change, be appropriate and grow. We have not interested in a singular design, author, perspective, but the idea of the proxemic collective. A work that evolves from the traces we make, leave behind, and inevitably pass on. Each design embeds itself in a new stratification.
The result will be 5 collectively collaged exquisite corpses, which will then be 3D printed, published and exhibited in celebration of interactive creation and collective process.
Our goal is experimentation, our output unpredictable, and our approach radical


6.30 pm Welcome Drinks and Nibbles @ The Barge House 46A De Beauvoir Crescent N1 5RY
7:15 pm Doors Close...
7:30 pm Introductions: Symposium and Generation of Design.
Introduction Cristina Morbi – Matter Performances
Talk and Simultaneous Design
Kristina Chan – Lucid Dreams in Printed Landscapes Gabriel Tanase – Ethereal to Pixels Bruno Zamborlin – Hyperfurfaces Diane Chappalley – Psychological Landscapes Alicia Hidalgo – Ethereal Non-Natura
8:30 pm The Corpse will Drink the good wine.
Launch of Next Meeting and Brain Storming

All The- Dots Crew goes in for free! Please RSVP
....See you Next Time!
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Attendees — 10

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CADAVRE EXQUIS - Art Design Architecture SymposiumLondon, United Kingdom