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You're David, you're taking on Goliath, all day, everyday. And Goliath, at their GloboMega Corp headquarters has huge budgets, years of incumbent status and just loves to squash the little guy.

You've probably got a great product, you've proven that it works and you've got customers.

But now what?

You know you need to be doing ‘something’, but as a start-up where do you start? What arrows do you fire? What stones do you put in the slingshot?

Maybe you're scaling, so you dipped a toe in the advertising lake but it was too chilly. So you got back out, sharpish?

Or maybe, you inherited a bunch of big problems, but now they’re fixed you’re ready to flex those marketing muscles?

Whether you're a start-up or a scale-up, famous brands sell more. Fact. But not everyone can be famous. Also fact.

Just to be clear we're not talking about your Mum saying she's proud, no, we're talking about proper fame. So famous people download your app because everyone else has, so famous people talk about it down the pub and so famous your Auntie Margaret read about it in the Daily Mail.

Join us as we prod and poke 4 brands. The marketing leaders, at the sharp end of growing their business, and making them famous.

GoCardless, Ben Jones, Senior Marketing Manager.
The London fintech taking on the might of Direct Debit. It's B2B and it's software that's under the hood, so it's not the easiest brand to make famous. But they've just raised $95 million in Series F funding, so they must be doing something right.

Mango Bikes, Andrew Hassard, CEO.
A bike brand focussed on challenging the status quo and doing it all with some verve, flavour and panache. And they recently sold more bikes in a month, than in the whole of last year.

Proceive, Suzanne Acton, Marketing Director.
The conception and pregnancy brand who've taken on the mammoth task of competing with the biggest pregnancy brand of them all. Proceive are now stocked in Boots and Holland&Barrett and they're growing market share everyday.

Bionic, Glyn Britton, Chief Customer Officer.
It should be a doddle for business owners to swap their energy, insurance and finance, but it's not. That's why Bionic are competing with the juggernauts GoCompare and MoneySupermarket. Oh and they launched TV for the first time in 2020. A B2B brand on the telly, shock horror.

  • What was their catalyst?
  • How did they find their story?
  • What was their marketing strategy?
  • How the hell did they get started?
  • How did they keep going?

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David vs Goliath: launching your startup into the stratosphereLondon, United Kingdom