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Virtual Event - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Franckly

You have mastered social media and want to increase reach and awareness for your business?
Do you want to understand the audio media landscape and identify ways to add audio to your media mix and campaigns?

Audio has evolved so much over the last years with streaming platforms growing, podcasts gaining real traction and traditional radio going digital. Audio is a great way to address your target audience without the visual clutter we are facing today. It allows you to tell stories and be contextually relevant to grab the user's attention which we are all fighting about these days.

This webinar will give you:

• An overview of the audio media landscape in the UK
• Help you understand how you can add audio to your media mix for your campaigns to deliver results
• Ask your questions around audio media and planning

£5 of each ticket sold will get donated to ChooseLove.
For a couple of years I have volunteered for the Choose Love shop in London and I want to continue supporting this incredible charity. It is a grassroots charity that supports refugees along their journey, from arrival to shelter to future. With donations people are buying real products that will support refugees, be it tents, blankets, hygiene products, food, language courses, shelter for women and so much more.

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How To Add Audio To Your Media CampaignLondon, United Kingdom