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Anna Donaghey, Strategy Director, Platinum CPD Lead and Personal Coach, shares insights and approaches that we can all use to free ourselves from limiting beliefs, including those she personally used to find her own freedom from alcohol.

Limiting beliefs and behaviours do precisely what they promise they’ll do – they limit us. They can crush our confidence and kill our dreams. From showing up as self-doubt and imposter syndrome, to driving unhealthy behaviours and addictions, they are a barrier to success, health, happiness, and fulfilment. Anna reveals how to break free from these constraints, sharing her personal story of how she freed herself from alcoholism.
Anna Donaghey is a Strategy Director, Platinum CPD lead and Personal Coach. In her coaching realm, she combines her strategic skills, a passion for creativity and her own life experiences to bring insight and new possibilities to lives and careers that are being shrunk by limiting beliefs and behaviours.


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IPA Training Forum: Breaking free from limiting beliefs and behavioursLondon, United Kingdom