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At @5pm, one of our professional chefs will be teaching us to bake the famous Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki.
Ingredients: Eggs, plain flour, soy sauce, white cabbage, carrot, spring onion, sriracha sauce, sesame seeds and mayonnaise.
The idea is spend time productively and learn to cook something new. We understand that you might or might not have all the ingredients needed. Don't worry! Our chefs will help you to cook the dish with whatever you have. Ask questions and cook along!
If you enjoy the session, DM us to make a donation (no minimum amount) to support our chefs who are currently out of business. We have also partnered with Olio to help school kids who are missing their main meal due to school closures. Any contribution/support/feedback would be highly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you'll.

About yhangry: We offer private chef services for house parties with offers starting from £100 for 6 people.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/yhangry/?hl=en
Time: Saturday 28th, 5pm
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Attendees — 3

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