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About This Info Session
Are you curious about General Assembly’s upcoming Product Management up-skill Course? Whether you’re looking to cross-over into a product focused role or level up in your existing role, join us and figure out if this course is a fit for you.
During the upcoming information session you will:
  • Meet the GA team and potential classmates
  • Get an overview of the curriculum and objectives covered in the course
  • Meet the instructor, and hear about their professional experience
  • Hear from Product Management alumni and have the chance to ask them questions about their experience
  • Discover the perks of being a student at GA

Preparing for the info session
The next session for the Product Management course starts on July 25th (10-week). If you are considering enrolment in a cohort, it is strongly advised to contact the Admissions team prior to attending this event.

  • The London Admissions Team
  • Kevin Rodriguez Ladino, Instructional Team

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