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Everyone who works on a film creatively needs to understand how to build a story.

This 1-day workshop with script editor Kate Leys introduces the art and craft of storytelling for film by focusing on the heart of your story: character.

Whoever is at the centre of your story drives it, and there is no drama without character. A film story is built around its characters. So, who are you looking at? What are they doing here, in your story? And if they’re driving the story, how do you drive them?

Aimed at all levels of screenwriting experience this detailed, intensive day looks at how to investigate and develop screen characters who are compelling, truthful and truly dramatic.

"Once again Kate Leys has made what can seem dauntingly complicated, breathtakingly simple. Thank you." Charles, 2014

"As someone who writes, it is very easy to move in a way that can 'tie you up in knots' and what Kate affords you is the opportunity to ask vital yet simple questions that ultimately 'iron out any creases' in your script." Hardeep, 2014

"It exceeded my expectations and I have already recommended it to at least 10 (budding) screenwriters." Zimena, 2018

"It's a masterclass from someone who is increasingly in demand. Long may she continue to offer these workshops which are legendary!" Nicola, 2018

Please note that it will not be possible to consider individual projects during this workshop.

"Kate has a remarkable insight into what makes a story work... Her ability to de-mystify the process makes her such a valuable ally for writers, producers and commissioners." Allon Reich, producer (JUDGE DREDD, NEVER LET ME GO, 28 WEEKS LATER, THE HISTORY BOYS, THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND)


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Story Is Character: The Art of Film StorytellingLondon, United Kingdom