Adamah Media

An online magazine with an open, positive spirit.

Manchester, United Kingdom


Adamah is an online magazine exploring life’s big (and not so big) issues with an open, positive spirit. Focusing particularly on cultural, social and spiritual topics, it seeks to be a space for genuine dialogue between people of many different life-views. What unites Adamah readers is a fascination for this wonderful world and a desire to work together to make it a better place for everyone to live in. At Adamah, we seek to foster more truthful and respectful forms of communication in the world which promote greater social cohesion. We passionately believe in journalism which always seeks the truth, knowing that this necessarily involves seeing the various sides of every argument. One can only tell the truth through constructive dialogue with those who might think differently from oneself. We are currently seeking writers to contribute to our publication, so please get in touch with your ideas if you're interested in joining our friendly community of writers!

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