Street Artists

Brighton, United Kingdom



What is ART+BELIEVE? We are Street Artists based in Brighton, UK. We paint large scale bright, colourful, geometric murals to bring forgotten communal spaces to life. What experience does ART+BELIEVE have? We have 10 years experience in painting public and private commissions. We have painted in over 16 countries working on commercial and community projects. Who do we work with? We work with a wide variety of industries from private commissions, community and charity projects, government bodies, design consultancies, brands and development companies. How do we work? Our strengths are finding new creative solutions to forgotten architectural spaces. We always view the location before creating the artwork because we believe the architecture should compliment the design. Why work with us? We have painted all over the world on large scale commercial and community based projects. We love what we do. We will transform a space to engage with the local community. What makes us different? We always feel the communication and interaction of a projects journey is as important as the final installation. We have travelled extensively and have a wealth of experience working with different cultures and unique architectural spaces.

People who have worked with ART + BELIEVE