Online talks about art and its whereabouts.

London, United Kingdom


What is artBLAB: artBLAB runs a series of laid-back lectures about art and its whereabouts. At the artBLAB events, artists and art professionals representing various disciplines come together to celebrate creativity. We present both emerging and well-established artists. We love connecting people - our event connects artists and art aficionados that wouldn't otherwise meet. What we believe: artBLAB believes in art equality, it doesn't discriminate against any type of art - we love experimental poetry as much as we adore interaction design! We also give no special treatment to any speaker - we believe in the talent, and not in the position on the art scene or within the academia. Lastly, we believe great things happen at intersections, that's why we encourage speakers to collaborate on future art projects and we mix various audiences. ​ Who we are: artBLAB is organised by two human beings passionate about art, Michal Kamil Piotrowski and Marta Grabowska. Michal is a tech and visual poet, our CEO, and a driving force behind everything we stand for. You can chat with him @somecoolwords. Marta is an independent curator and art historian, a believer in the power of slow art. See what she is up to @martuga.grabowska.

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