Finding "non-obvious" solutions to "non-trivial" problems.

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Brink was founded to find “non-obvious solutions to non-trivial problems”. We’re privileged to work with motivated teams across some of the world’s leading governments, foundations and businesses, tackling questions like how might we get every child into school and learning; what are the frontier technologies showing the most promise in high stakes environments and how can we accelerate the impact of science to improve the health of everyone in the workplace? Every piece of work we do is fully open to creative, sideways solutions and tackles a global issue. We don’t split our time between “mundane bread and butter” and “exciting pro bono”. We think that’s quite unique. As a result of our approach, our portfolio of work is growing and so is our team. If you keep hearing about ‘building back better’ and feel constructively frustrated about how much work there is still to do, we would love to hear from you. #rallywithbrink

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