Campfire Conversations

Creating conversations that get to what's important

London, United Kingdom


We've launched Campfire to encourage slower, grounded conversations whilst everything around us is changing so dramatically. Campfire is about bringing small groups of people together for conversations about what matters most in our work and beyond. With more and more of us working on our own, there’s an increasing need to collaborate and share knowledge and ideas with one another. Our Campfire Circles are groups that bring like-minded professionals together, meeting regularly to share knowledge, bounce ideas and support one another in developing their careers and businesses. We're bringing people together from three areas: - Founders & CEOs - Independent Creatives and Consultants - Professionals in carer flux We're also bringing Campfire conversations into businesses and communities to create a refreshing way for teams to connect with one another, more important than ever. Visit and join us around the Campfire.

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