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Launched in London 1999, it set out to push the boundaries and embrace a more creative approach to childrenswear . Caramel has always challenged traditional, limited perceptions of what children should wear, exploring a design aesthetic that is modern, considered, playful and always a little unexpected. Caramel employs an abundance of home grown craftsmanship and is known for its unflinching way with colour, predilection for heritage fabrics and in-house, designed prints.At Caramel, each item is designed with passion and the utmost attention of detail: the garment silhouette, the cut, the fit, just the right sort of lining or even buttons are all highly considered. Quality is never compromised and we constantly strive for excellence. Our clothes are timeless and become much loved, worn-in wardrobe staples that are handed down and shared between family and friends. Recently, the brand expanded into womenswear. At the core of Caramel is the constant desire to make beautiful, honest clothes filled with passion and creativity that allow women and children to take an enormous pleasure in how they express themselves.

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