Chasing Libra

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London, United Kingdom

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Here’s to the crazy ones… I've had the fortune of being able to turn my passion for writing, creating and packaging beautiful ideas in to a career for the last twenty years. It doesn't matter what sector or industry or space you (or your business) is trying to occupy, the approach is always the same. Find something to stand for, or rally against, do the research so the content and interpretation is fresh, on point, authentic and compelling, and execute it like you’ve taken all the time and investment the world has to offer. I help you cave out a space for yourself, often in a very noisy and already ‘packed to the rafters’ marketplace through brand identity & positioning work, I help you create, or refine your voice in your sector by writing, circulating and promoting compelling content that can be capitalised on across all media channels, regardless of your budget or current awareness levels; I design and create the right mix of visually engaging marketing material that captures attention, reiterates your ideals and educates people on your promises. I help you turn people in to customers, customers in to fans, and fans in to advocates. Some of the bigger names… Since 1999 I’ve worked with (and ‘in’) Jaguar Cars, BT, e.on, Vodafone and RWE npower, and consultancy brands including Accenture. More recent projects and shorter-term interim roles… Since 2012, I've held freelance Marketing Director, CMO, Brand Director, Head of Digital, Innovation & Strategy Lead positions for crazy, bold and rebellious brands who are unapologetically 'rocking' the status quo in their sector; they're the 'round pegs in the square holes' and are usually eager to expand, courting late stage VC/PE commitment to realise their desire, ability and tenacity to scale. Projects have ranged from landing a brand name, developing a new logo or identity, bringing their target audience to life with personas and data driven insight, building customer engagement programmes entwined with their social, email, direct and face to face channels, creating beautiful and optimised websites, writing consumer, technical and thought lead content, as well as acting as creative and art director on video, photo, film and radio for both B2B and consumer brands.

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