Christopher Farr

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London, United Kingdom

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In 1988, the artist and designer Christopher Farr founded his eponymous company with business partner Matthew Bourne, and rapidly earned a reputation for uniting heritage textile craftsmanship with bold contemporary design. In the decades since, Christopher Farr’s dedication to quality and uncompromising pursuit of beauty has helped revolutionise rug design and restore rug-making to the status of fine art. Over 30 years later, Christopher Farr continues to protect and preserve weaving traditions around the world, while pushing at the creative possibilities of contemporary design. Christopher Farr’s rugs are a frequent sight at global art and design exhibitions and in the homes of connoisseurs and collectors worldwide. Alongside an ever-expanding catalogue of designs by Farr himself, the company collaborates with a wide-ranging but carefully considered selection of international artists, architects, fashion designers and other visionaries to produce a selection of designs that remains unrivalled in its creative scope. From modern-day disruptors such as Gavin Turk and Kate Blee to 20th-century textile pioneers including Anni Albers and Gunta Stölz, via interiors titans like Kit Kemp and Ilse Crawford, Christopher Farr is privileged to enjoy close creative relationships with many of the most innovative designers of both the last century and the present day. Both our materials and our craftspeople are found in countries with centuries of weaving and rug-making heritage, such as Afghanistan, Turkey and India. Over the years, we have built up the knowledge and relationships to source the highest-quality fibres available in these locations and beyond: fleeces for versatile wool blends and delicate mohair; fine, glossy silks and strong, durable jutes – whatever would be best suited to the artwork in hand. Whether customised from an existing design or crafted entirely bespoke, all Christopher Farr rugs are made to order, by hand, by a trusted group of skilled artisans. No time saved, no shortcuts taken, no corners cut.

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