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They used to tell us not to “tell tales”, to stop “making up stories”. Well, thankfully, our passionate team of rebelling, storytelling mavericks buck this trend every day. Our talented designers, editors and illustrators are joyfully releasing around 30 new books a month into the wild. These books are being read by all ages, in all genres, as we relish the opportunity to tell great tales and make up wonderful stories. Collaborate define brand identities through developing interesting narratives and personalities. The art of storytelling gives us the ability to create incredible storyboards for movies and animations. Our content generation is honest, imaginative and engaging. The content we generate for your books, for your brands and for your learning and development programmes will be rich in detail and thoughtfully crafted. Our creatives are skilled across all creative disciplines and we can develop your stories through to packaged files in both print and digital formats. Our illustrators, editors, photographers, designers, web developers and animators are based in our Worthing, London, New York and Marbella studios.

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