Korean Minimal Food Design

Saint Andrews, St Andrews, United Kingdom

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CombiniCo is a fast causal food and beverage company based in St Andrews, UK. We draw from our Korean heritage to design products that elevate everyday experiences of food in university town across the world. Our roots lie in the unique cultural phenomenon of East Asian convenience stores, otherwise known as ‘Combini’. Their values, which centre around simplicity and functionality, are mirrored in our own philosophy through our products.



Best Takeaway and Home Delivery

Scottish Asian Food Awards

  • CombiniCo was awarded Best Takeaway and Home Delivery of 2018 for the Central Scotland region and then went on to win the national title in that category. The win marked the first time that an establishment outside of Edinburgh or Glasgow has achieved the category’s national prize as well as making Alex (23) and Juno (22) the youngest ever winners at the prestigious awards. The company was recognised for “working hard to service the Asian food industry, promote Asian cuisine and connect communities through food and culture”.

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