Dinny Hall

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London, United Kingdom

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A modern British jewellery brand with 30 year’s heritage, Dinny Hall is the creative force behind her eponymous line. Dinny came to prominence when her entire Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design graduation collection was bought by luxury department store Liberty, London. A year later, in 1985, the brand was founded and was an instant success with its experimental pieces made from unique natural materials such as leather and wood. The subsequent years have seen Dinny Hall’s jewellery continue to adapt with trends while maintaining the same quality and flair that brought her success originally. She says of her work: "At first I played with scale, exoticism and fashion statement but as time went on the actual craft began to interest me more. I began paring down the forms to be simple but as perfect as I could make them. Jewellery is a very personal thing and should not take over the wearer but be part of them". From sketch to store, Dinny is personally involved in every one of her pieces. It’s this hands on approach that has made Dinny Hall a recognisable jewellery name around the world, synonymous with British style and quality.

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