Escentric Molecules

A cult phenomenon that revolutionised modern perfumery

London, United Kingdom


It’s not often someone comes along and changes the rules of the game, especially in a world so secretive and steeped in tradition as perfumery. But that’s exactly what Geza Schoen did back in 2006. Eschewing the mainstream world of fragrance within which he worked for many years to go it alone, he created Escentric Molecules; a brand pushing the boundaries of scent science and an entirely new concept in perfumery. Geza was disillusioned with what he felt was the commercialism and lack of innovation within the mainstream perfume industry. Their journey so far has continued to bring art and chemistry together as one. In 2009, Geza initiated The Beautiful Mind Series, working with outstanding women in different creative fields to construct fragrances dedicated to the power of the female mind. Escentric Molecules is a worldwide sensation that remains unique. What started as a product aimed at a niche market of ‘artists and outsiders’ quickly became a sensation, its popularity spreading like wildfire on word of mouth alone. The real beauty of it, though, is that however many people buy it, it will always be unique because it reacts with whoever is wearing it, creating an individual scent that is personalised to the wearer.

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