Galleria Ramo

Contemporary art gallery, focusing on emerging artists.

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As an initiative, Galleria Ramo does not represent any of the artists directly but rather allows for freedom of expression, working on uniquely curated exhibitions, providing a platform for artists to express creative freedom, developing new forms of dialogue between local and international artists, spectators and collectors proposing new situations and radical changes rather than looking backwards. In a world of deceit, art is truth. “Contemporary” or “Now” art has a special currency today, as a reflection of our society. Getting lost while standing in front of work of art can bring us back to finding ourselves, in a time of collective disorientation. For this reason, Galleria Ramo's philosophy is a total commitment to artists and their creative endeavour through a curatorial programme of exhibitions and events that stimulates and engages with the local community, focusing on the ever changing language of the contemporary art world. Founded in 2016, Galleria Ramo opened with temporary 'pop-up' spaces, exhibiting works in forgotten spaces but filled with history and a passed life. In 2018 in Via Natta 31, opens as the project/exhibition space of Galleria Ramo in Como, Italy. Situated in the beautiful historical center, Via Natta 31, is a dedicated space for emerging artists to exhibit their art-works through a series of curated exhibitions, open to the public.

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