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We believe a healthier brain leads to a happier life. Heights is assembling a world-class team to build a direct to consumer human potential company in the trillion-dollar wellness market, where we are creating the brain category. We turn complex science into clear English, and make smart supplements designed to elevate cognitive performance and promote better brain health while our clever content from expert contributors coaches our tribe to reach their heights. Our Chief Science Officer, world-leading neuroscientist, best selling author, global executive coach and lecturer, Dr. Tara Swart who's expertise with a Ph.D. in neuropharmacology has enabled us to create a best in class product strategy. Advisors and investors include Nick Jenkins (Moonpig), Justine Roberts (Mumsnet), Graham Hobson (Photobox), Kuba Wieczorek (EVE), Alex De Carvalho (Public, Heineken Board), Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, and a variety of Ph.D. world-leading scientists and wellness professionals. The Vision Our plan is to reinvent the health and wellness category by building a global brand in brain health and cognitive performance**, with plant-based, sustainable products that are as good for the individual as they are for the planet. We understand that remembering to take your supplements is hard, even with the best intention - which is why we are dedicated to working with world-leading experts - creating a unique membership experience giving customers an ongoing relationship with our growing team of experts to help them reach their heights. In 2020, our plan is to launch our second product and release the first version of our mobile app, designed to coach customers and help them track and improve their habits, and in so doing, achieve their goals. Our end goal is to lead in personalization by combining smart supplements, clever content and deep data in a feedback loop that works beautifully on the brain and on mobile.

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