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Immersive Innovation is doing brave new things with interactive technology. We design and produce applications and interactive media that have a positive impact on education, the arts and the sharing of information. Our goal is to provide people with interactive and immersive experiences which help them to be more informed, knowledgeable, skilful, open-minded, healthy, motivated and fulfilled. We use interactive media to develop cutting-edge applications that are better at motivating and communicating with their users. Interactive technology is becoming more accessible and we seek to explore the full potential of immersive, interactive, virtual and digital technology… and to apply it in innovative and effective ways. Immersive Innovation is a design and production company. We work with clients from all fields and areas of education, information sharing and the arts. We are also open to collaboration with organisations and institutions who want to harness the exciting potential of these technologies, and to ultimately improve the way they do things. Find out more about some of the projects we are working on in each of our 3 key areas of interest: For arts, events, exhibitions & visualisation > For education, knowledge & skills development > For data visualisation, publishing & dissemination >

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