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As design-driven packaging and content creators, we exist to sensorily engage with consumers and fuse brand passions with visual consistency. JXL is a creative agency based across New York City, Austin and London, specializing in graphic, packaging, and retail design, alongside photo and video content creation. We create your product and then we help you show and tell the world. Our work results in your product flying off of shelves and your brand building a credibility that consumers will flock towards. The consumers and industries we work most intimately with are in food, beverage, cosmetics, beauty, CBD, tech, and editorial spaces. Our team will develop creative solutions for any stage of the brand lifecycle whether it’s your first product label, an evolution or expansion from your current style, or a fresh set of eyes towards your next social campaign. We're young, nimble, diverse and developing the next trends in what we do. All you have to do is reach out. Clients 88 Acres, Bardot, Biophile, Brooklyn Brewery, Cannuka, Dabur International, Eat Virgin, Fairy Tales Hair Care, Gravy Master / Roses Brands, Kat Burki, Mary Louise Cosmetics, Namaste Brands, Natures Earthly Choice, Rit Dyes, Shea Moisuture, Voesh NYC

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