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At LONDNR, we are cultish about culture. Launched in 2015 as a digital platform, we’ve since expanded to a print magazine (published 5 times a year) and a lively events programme. We believe the world of culture - the arts, thought, history, lifestyle and more - deserves better coverage. Less stale. Less sterile. Less superficial. Therefore, our mission is simple: tell wonderful stories. We want our writing to spark conversations. To turn into icebreakers on a date, or good anecdotes to share over dinner. And at the very heart of everything, we want to bring likeminded, curious, adventurous, mischievous souls together. LONDNR's RULES: 1. WE WANT MEDIA TO BE MEANINGFUL LONDNR is allergic to quick-fix journalism. We are against the tropes of mainstream media, including but not limited to distracting pop-up ads, clickbait, invasive user tracking, divisive arguments, fearmongering and sensationalism. If you want escape the echo chamber and find a quiet place to enjoy some quality reading and non-partisan voices, LONDNR is for you. 2. WE LOVE LITERATURE (okay, all arts, but especially literature) LONDNR champions reading and writing. We don’t subscribe to the gloomy adage of ‘nobody reads anymore’. We refuse that ‘print is dead’. Instead, we aim to promote the written word, whether that includes running accessible and free workshops or encouraging people to read more through our ‘Reading for Wellbeing’ campaigns (did you know that reading de-stresses you at the same rate as yoga?). If you want to support this, signing up to LONDNR is the surest way. 3. WE BELIEVE IN INDEPENDENCE LONDNR is completely independent. We really mean completely independent. There is no big corporation behind us pulling the strings. This gives us freedom… and encourages us to think outside the box. So instead of following the news cycle, we strive to bring you the kind of stuff you’d never find anywhere else. We go digging deep under the skin of our capital for nuggets to share. And we like to share them best with the independent thinkers who come to our in-person events. Hint hint.

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